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Asphalt Paving

Hankins Construction uses only quality materials offered from these asphalt companies: Vulcan Materials, Hanson Aggregates, California
Commercial Asphalt or Superior Ready Mix. The asphalt company and the plant is choosen, to give our customers the best materials available, at
the most competitive price. The price for asphalt changes with the price of oil. As the oil and fuel prices raise, so dose the price of asphalt. When
we give you a contracted price and you accept it, the job must be completed in a timely manner or it must be re-bid to meet the rising cost of oil.
Because of the cost of trucking, we choose plants that are the closest to your jobs. This helps keeps the cost of trucking down.
Class II Base is composed of a graded blend of crushed aggregates designed to compact tightly with proper equipment.  When compacted it
provides an excellent base to place concrete or asphalt, or it can be used alone as a driveway.

Asphalt Pavement an engineered mixture of aggregate, or stones and sand, with liquid asphalt cement, a petroleum product. Varying sizes of
aggregates are heated, then mixed, in exact proportions, with asphalt cement that has been liquefied at about 300 degrees. We customize the
material to meet your projects needs. While the mixture is still hot, it is delivered to your driveway and paved and compacted on top of a base or
subgrade that has already been prepared by us, to grade. Very soon after paving, the mixture cools and hardens and you can drive on it right
away. There are hot asphalt mixtures of various types. Some mixtures are smoother on top than others; some have a higher content of asphalt
cement than others. A special type of asphalt mixture is even colored and imprinted to resemble paver blocks. We will assure that your mixture will
provide the surface and performance characteristics you want.

City,County and Fire, Road and Driveway Specifications

Each city or county has different rules and regulations for building new roads and driveways. Check with your local agency for any necessary
permits required for your asphalt project. To meet San Diego County requirements, Most driveways should have a minimum 4 inches of compacted
Class II Base and a minimum of three inches of asphalt. For further information on building a new driveway or road in San Diego County contact the
Public Works Department with the County of San Diego, take a look at their Web site:
com   "STANDARDS FOR PRIVATE ROADS County of San Diego
Department of Public Works"

For Jobs located in a city, contact that city, for their road and
driveway specifications. Each permit for new construction might
require that you contact the local fire agency to inspect your plans for
city or county fire code compliance . The Ramona Fire Department's
Fire Prevention Bureau is where you need bring in your building plans
for Fire Marshall approval if your project is located in the Ramona
Municipal Water District. The county will send you there to secure a
plan check on any new construction within the District. You will need
to bring the 2 San Diego County stamped sets along with a single
page Fire Mitigation Form. Plan checks are not done over the
counter, but you can usually expect a turnaround time of 2-3 business
days. Fees will be explained and collected during your visit. The Fire
Marshall, Steve Delgadillo and Fire Inspector, Stacy Riordan will look
over your blue prints for a new construction and advise you what is
required to complete your project. Their office is located at the
Ramona Municipal Water District building at 105 Earlham Street,
Ramona, Ca. 92065. Hours are Monday thru Friday 7:30 am to 3:30