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Hankins Construction is there for all your asphalt needs. From designing and paving your new driveway to repairing your existing
To repair deteriorating asphalt, all cracks need to be sealed
and broken areas dug or ground out, filled with asphalt and
compacted to prepare for sealing or an overlay.

Placing an overlay on existing driveways

Either asphalt or concrete can be overlaid with Hot Mix
Asphalt, with excellent results.  Usually for driveways, a
surface thickness of 1-1/2 to 2 inches thick will suffice. Before
paving, all serious holes and cracks must be filled with Hot
Mix and compacted. Some deteriorated asphalt surfaces
might need Petromat places prior the overlay for extra
stabilization. Otherwise the trouble spots may carry upward
through your new pavement. Maintaining your driveway, road
or parking lot, If designed and built correctly,  will give you
years of effective service.